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Home. A home makes a statement about you, the homeowner. It declares your tastes and interests. With the professional guidance from staff of S Barry Signature Homes, your vision will be poured into a design which will speak for years to come of you, its creator. Your home signifies your place in the community and even in the world… it is who you are. No matter what the challenges may be on a daily basis, it is comforting to know that there's one place where you'll always belong. Home. From your initial visit with S Barry Signature Homes until the day you move into your dream home, you will know that every effort will be made to ensure that your home will meet your family's needs. The love of building unique, personalized homes along with a firm dedication to quality and workmanship is why Shawn Barry, owner of S Barry Signature Homes, is in this business.

Shawn worked with us throughout every detail to ensure we were getting the best value for our money and that most importantly, it was a quality product and within our budget.