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We had a great experience working with S Barry Signature Homes for our custom home. When we first met Shawn, he already had a home designed for the lot we were interested in. He was very good at describing his vision for the home - where it would sit on the lot, how he would avoid taking down native trees, what the landscaping would look like in the backyard, etc. We could see his vision, and it really helped us make our decision. Once construction started, he did an excellent job keeping us informed of what activities were scheduled, how much they would cost, and what design and materials decisions we needed to make. He always made sure we had plenty of time to figure out what we wanted - whether it was cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, paint, flooring, etc. Shawn provided a lot of valuable guidance on design decisions. At one point, we were considering a change to the layout of a couple of rooms. After discussing it with him, Shawn took our preliminary ideas and gave us a number
-Anthony and Christina Howe
We had a wonderful time building with Shawn. Shawn is a trustworthy builder with impeccable integrity. Throughout the building process he was alway available for questions and demonstrated flexibility as we made changes. It was a stress free experience.
-Brad & Christina Wells
Our decision to use S Barry Signature Homes, Inc. to build our custom home was a very good decision for us. We can honestly say that Shawn Barry and his team have met and exceeded our needs and expectations. Shawn worked with us throughout every detail starting with the drawings and specs to the final trim-out to ensure we were getting the best value for our money and that most importantly, it was a quality product and within our budget. Surprisingly to us, we did not have to wait on him for each step in the building process, but instead, he diligently prompted and guided us in an effective manner. Shawn’s ability to help plan, coach, coordinate details, encourage teamwork, along with a tremendous amount of patience, enabled us to achieve our top priority--to obtain a quality custom home on time and within budget. We’ve developed a long lasting friendship with Shawn for which we are very grateful. When you use him to build your home, he will earn your respect, as he did with
-James & Mary Krueger